Article: How Free Laptops Offer can be Possible?

You must have seen free product samples being given away in the local supermarket or mall. Lots of other consumer products are being given away online. Whether it is baby diapers or free iPod Nano, you can pretty much see everything being given away for free. So how is that possible that companies just giveaway products that cost them money to produce?


Just manufacturing a product is not enough. Companies need to promote brand awareness and also get consumer feedback about their products. Consumer feedback and user experience is very much needed to plan full fledge production and marketing activities. Without knowing how consumers would accept or react, no marketing attempt can be put in place.


Since there are lot of laptop manufacturers out there, companies find it easy to give away few free laptops to gain that market intelligence. A free laptop might seem like a big deal to average users but when it comes to multi-billion dollar companies, it is practically nothing. Companies need to know what the real users like about their laptop and what they don't. Also what they like about their competitor's product and features which the company lack. Free laptops giveaway is a perfect way to gain that intelligence.


Lot of companies offer freebies like free laptops with the subscription of an internet service provider of their choice. If you are subscribing to broadband internet service and would pay for it every month anyways, then what better deal there could be other than signing up with a new ISP or switching your ISP for your broadband internet and get the free laptop? Check for your local mall or computer/electronic store from time to time as those free laptops offers with the subscription of broadband internet is pretty common.


Sweepsteaks, raffle drawls, vacation packages, cell phone service, etc also come with free laptop offers. Sometimes you don't even have to sign up for anything or subscribe to any services yet can take advantage of such free offers.


These are just a few ideas of getting hold of free laptops. Keep your eyes open for any such deals. At the same time if you see any programs or offers that are offering free laptops, feel free to sign up. Especially if it only requires your email address or some basic info to sign up, then why not use a free email address like hotmail or gmail and sign up for one. There is nothing to lose in this kind of deals. Only can win a free laptop if you are lucky. And people get lucky all the time!