Article: How to Get Your Free Laptop PC?

Laptop Computer for free, how?


Your new computer will be supplied by a reward website, these companies earn the money to pay for your PC by referring you to another business. This other business wants you to try out their product and when you do so they will pay money to the reward site.


The business may just need you to take part in a free trial, which although you don't pay anything, the business knows from experience that a certain ratio of people will take their product after the trial is over. They are therefore able to pay the reward site quite a large amount of money when you sign up.


If you like, you could instead take part in offers which will cost you a little bit of cash. Either way the reward site will receive more money than it has cost you to participate in the offer. Which offer you do is entirely up to you. The next stage is to refer other people to also do a free offer, you can ask friends if you like or other methods to get referrals.


When you have done this the reward site will send you your new laptop computer.